No Frills Build

If there's a way to build your sustainable life on a budget, we'll find it!

Building and living sustainably is a mindset of keeping things simple. 

There is nothing more guaranteed to give you stress and anxiety than complicated advice for creating your home, additives in your food and chemicals to clean your dwelling. 

Let the tension go.  Breathe deeply.  Start fresh, without worry.

Spring has sprung, and the living is easy...
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My tiny house is now a home...

Designing a tiny house, and making that happen on a budget is important both for the environment (reusing, repurposing and recycling help keep precious materials out of the landfill) and for the human (making do, upcycling and scrounging are all good for the soul, and the wallet).

What's your project looking like?  Funky? Sustainable? Tiny?  Join in the fun!
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While we built our tiny house, we came up with lots of ways to make life easier, from cooking meals over the open fire, or on the woodstove once it was installed.  In fact, the excellent soups and stews were so good, even after we installed the electric range, the woodstove still makes the nicest additions to a great meal.  I refer to it as 'permaculture cooking' because it makes one function into two; heating our home, and cooking our meals. Cooking over an open fire is a lot of fun too.

There are also lots of ways to save money and make things do double duty - that's most likely why I never throw anything away.  Just because a manufacturer has one thing in mind when they package and sell their products, doesn't mean that's the only way to use them.  Find out more as I develop the Home Tips and Tricks portion of the site.

Why is beauty so satisfying to humans, and what makes us appreciate natural materials, or salvaged treasures, and how can we meld those with the other factors so important in a home; low maintenance, sustainable and comfortable?

In our long journey towards sustainable living and building, we've come across some unique ways to think about hand built homes.

These are usually designed and constructed by the owner, who may not be trained in any kind of engineering or technical field, just very imaginative and creative.

What is most important to you? 

Family and children who can grow up in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere with your example to follow?

A simple and satisfying lifestyle free from the hustle and bustle of the rat race?

Or just more control over your environment and surroundings?

The answers to these questions can guide you in your exciting journey of building your very own shelter; the human spirit yearns for the fulfillment and satisfaction of creating a home; not just a house.

The Tiny House...what's important to you?
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